What sets manz straw apart from conventional straw:
shredded several times
Our straw is shredded several(!) times. It is much easier to sprinkle in and much more absorbent than conventional straw.
This leads to a better stable climate and protects the respiratory tract.
pressed strong
Thanks to the enormous bale density of our stationary presses, storage- and transport-costs are significantly reduced.
Thanks to the fourfold quality control, the quality is always in the optimum range.
ideal bale size for every truck
Through years of experience we have found an ideal bale size. This means that almost every truck can be loaded to the brim with straw - regardless of whether it's a walking floor, a semitrailer, a lorry-truck, with or without a tarpaulin.

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36 bales
walking floor
42 bales
39 bales
(with tarpaulin)
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The advantages at a glance.
high absorbency
through multiple shredding and shredded structure
pressed strong
storage- and transport-costs are significantly reduced (up to 75% less)
leads to a better stable climate and protects the respiratory tract.
optimal quality - always
multiple quality control leads to year-round excellent quality
perfect bale size
More than 95% of all trucks can be loaded "brimful" without problems. It does not matter if it is a semitrailer or a lorry-truck with or without tarpaulin.
100% natural
Straw is a 100% natural bedding. A property that should not be neglected.
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Why straw?
100% natural
No other bedding is as natural as straw. Farmers around the world have been using the natural classic for centuries.
Feel-good factor
Your cattle/horse will thank you. It sleeps comfortably, can play in the straw and may also nibble on it. In addition, there is an excellent stable climate.
At the disposing of straw, the farmer saves twice. Disposal as a fertilizer is not only "free", it also saves the purchase of expensive, often unnatural fertilizers.
100% natural
Feel-good factor