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Manz Mathias & Elvira GnbR
7111 Parndorf, Heidehofweg (Kurve)

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Manz Mathias & Elvira GnbR
7111 Parndorf, Gmajna 1

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UID-Nr.: ATU63677248

Three steps to your new bedding.
Write us a mail
We have a dealer network throughout Central Europe. Just write to us and let us know where you are at home and the product you are interested in.
We will help you
We check which of our dealers is responsible for your area and forward your inquiry directly to the responsible dealer.
buy Manz-Straw
In the last step, the dealer will make you an offer. He is able to delivers the goods directly to your farm.
frequently asked Questions (FAQs)
Where can I buy Manz-Straw?
You can buy our products through our large dealer network. Simply write us and we will text you the responsible sales partner or forward your inquiry directly.
How expensive are the products?
Because of the different transport routes and the seasonally fluctuating prices there is no clear answer. For a daily updated price information, please contact your local dealer.
How big/heavy is a bale/truck from Manz-Straw?
Here you will find all detailed information about our products.
How "fine" are the products shredded?
Häckselstroh is 3-times shredded and the stem length is up to 10cm. Feinstroh is 4-times shredded and the stem length is up to 5cm.
How much dust is in the final product?
This can´t be said flat rate. Our products are dedusted 6 times. Small amounts of dust can still be found in the final product.
How can you become a dealer?
Please send us an e-mail and we will check your request.