about us
Why are we doing this?
We do it because we have to. We "love" what we do. It is the ambition to make our product better and better over the years that drives us day by day. You could almost say that we only have straw in our heads.
We are farmers - we have always been farmers.
For generations we have been dealing with straw. We used to be consumers, today producers. It's not always easy. But we love what we do.

way back ...

We traded with cattle and horses. At that time we were already using straw.

the 90s

More and more, our focus shifted to the straw business. Year after year we pressed more and more straw.

the 2010s

We still squeeze conventional straw. Since 2010 we have been specializing in our "new" products: short chopped, dedusted and absorbent.
Who are we?
We see ourselves as partners of the farmers. We try to provide optimal quality at a fair price. Our product is supposed to make life easier for the farmer. Our goal is that the customer is at least as confident about our product as we are.

That 3 points labels us:
Quality comes first.
Nobody wants wet, dusty and stinking straw.
Thanks to our partners, we are able to deliver all year round.
Even the best bedding must not cost too much.
What we do?
Basically, we make straw. But you and we know that straw is not just straw. Our straw is different - promise.